Konstantina Niina Achilleos


Push-back hospitality

boat sculpture
asylum seekers
Konstantina Achilleos
political art
Push-back hospitality

The island of copper and hospitality, where ancient goddesses and refugees rise from the turquoise sea – our sea. But not our own refugees, no. Those are copyright ours and we declare their #humanrights (and votes). The refugees that seek for a place to call home are pushed back to the turquoise in their sinking boats, they don’t fit in our hospitality. #stayhome #staysafe

Statement sculpture from copper and teabag Konstantina Achilleos 2021
copper boat
asylum seekers
corruption Cyprus
born from the sea
human rights

Push-back hospitality, 2021

Copper, thread, teabag, wire, oil


She’s naked / Πόσες τσαέρες χρειάζεται ο άθρωπος

She’s naked / Πόσες τσαέρες χρειάζεται ο άθρωπος 2021

This painting is paired with two compositions by Stelios Christodoulou

The whore / Η πόρνη

Androniki / Ανδρονίκη

There is an idiom in my Native land saying “How many chairs does (hu)man need at the coffee shop to sit“. The coffee shop (kafenes) is the miniature of the society of Cyprus, where all social phenomena are consentrated, including sexism.

Aphrodite is present, anapologetically naked, proud of her migrant past, the powerful female this island cannot deny.

A society led by nationalist men, a theocracy dictating the market, the culture of shame, the narrative of proper women, rotten ethos.

She’s naked / Πόσες τσαέρες χρειάζεται ο άθρωπος close up
Oil on canvas

Apus Apus

Ibrahim’s Khan, Pafos, Cyprus
October- November 2017
Group exhibition and multidisciplinary cultural event
Part of the official program of European Capital of Culture Pafos 2017

Apus apus is the Latin name for the common swift, a bird whose annual migration route links Finland and Cyprus. The swift is a nomad, capable of remaining in near-constant flight during the early years of its life. These attributes inspired the group, members of which have adopted various cultures and countries as their home during the course of their lives.

Apus apus is a group of seven artists from Finland and Cyprus.


perspective sculpture feet wood observe you Konstantina Achilleos

Observing you 2017





Matriarch upcycled materials costume sculpture

I Wear you 2017, back


Thoughts on the hybridity of cultures. Every individual has a unique cultural identity, which is similar to one’s neighbour, and has common aspects with cultures from the farthest point of the globe.

Observing you communicates the importance of perspective, understanding that one
person’s view is only one side of a reality. Reality has endless viewpoints, which are all
equally true.

I wear you expresses our foremothers’ role in the formation of one’s cultural heritage. Those characteristics that we consider representative for our homeland, might be personalized.

Familiar stories / Tuttavad lood


“Feeling of home”, “Borderless” and “Matriarch” at Familiar Stories exhibition



“Feeling of home”

36 x 45 x 18 cm, mixed media




34 x 45 x 15 cm, mixed media




34 x 45 x 18 cm, mixed media






size alters, mixed media


detail from “Advice”




Konstantina Achilleos wooden sculpture open door bird

“Open door”

10 x 3 x 21 cm; wood, metal, collage, pigment




Konstantina Achilleos Adrift wooden sculpture paper boat


20 x 12 x 12 cm, wood

Turku-Nicosia exhibition at Fotodos gallery


Route / Reitti 15.8-1.9.2012

Sculpture exhibition at the park of the Turku Castle (Turku, Finland)